July 07, 2006

7/7 anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the bombings in London that killed 52 and injured hundreds. There is something noticeable in the BBC's coverage of this. There is not a single mention that the bombers where Muslims and the bombings in the name of Islam. Perhaps because of the death threats against anybody perceived to critise Islam.

The 7/7 bombers where not the first, there have been other Islamic terrorists brought up in the UK, and we know 7/7 won't be the last attack by Islamic terrorists in the UK. Because it wasn't the last attack. Especially since "British Muslims tend to be more anti-Western than their counterparts in France or Germany" and have sealed themselves off in there own little Islamic colonies which have become more and more insular as time passed rather than integrating like all other immigrant groups. 40% do not want to have to live by the laws of the country that they live in, but would rather their colonies be governed by sharia law and we all know what that means.

Islamic terrorism is not solely because of Western actions in Iraq. There have been Islamic terrorist attacks before Iraq in Bali and the suicide car bombing of French engineers in Pakistan or British born Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh slitting Daniel Pearl's throat. Nor is it a simple response to the attack on Afganistan, the Philippines had nothing to do with Afganistan yet it has been attacked repeatedly such as the ferry bombing in 2004. There where many Islamic terrorist attacks before the Afgan war such as 9/11, the USS Cole attack in Yemen, the Embassy bombings in Africa, or the first attack on the World Trade Centre all the way back in 1993. The Iraq war has not helped things, but where it the cause of Islamic terrorism then you would expect that the country that was at the forefront of campaigning against it would be less likely to be a target, this was not the case. The Iraq war hadn't even being suggested when British born convert to Islam and Islamism Richard Reid tried to blow up an aircraft. The Islamists have their own agenda, they are not simply reacting to the actions of the west, and it is not one of peace or mutual toleration.


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